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Serial ATA 3 (SATA 3, or SATA III) is a differential bus running at 6Gbps. It’s commonly used on computer motherboards, such as notebooks, to connect to mass storage devices. How do you know if your hard disk or flash drive is running at full speed?
PCI Express (PCIe) buses, in particularly Gen3, are susceptible to defects which may be masked from conventional test. What are these defects and how are they detected?
Board bring-up is a phased process whereby an electronics system is repeatedly tested, validated and debugged, in order to achieve readiness for manufacture. This process can take so long that a product never gets to market because it is succeeded by the next generation...
The new Sandy Bridge E (Enthusiast) processors are a gamer’s delight. With the new LGA2011 socket and X79 chipset, Intel Sandy Bridge-E series processors come with enhanced performance overclocking support. But is it worth the money?