SourcePoint AMD Help

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Symbols Window Menus

There are several context menus in the Symbols window, depending on the type of symbol. To display the context menu associated with a symbol, click on it, then right click to bring up the menu. A typical menu is described below.


Typical Symbols context menu

Edit menu item. When a value cell is selected, you can edit the value of the associated symbol.

Open Code Window/Open Memory Window menu items. These menu items allow you to open a Code or Memory window at the associated address.

Set Breakpoint menu item. This menu item allows you to set a breakpoint in the Code window at the address of a selected symbol without having to open the Breakpoints window to do so.

Go Until Cursor menu item. Enabling this menu item causes SourcePoint to run from a node to the point where you have placed your cursor.

Hexadecimal Display menu item. This menu item is enabled by default and causes the values displayed to be listed in Hexidecimal.

Show Names/Show Types/Show Values/Show Return Type menu items. These menu items are enabled if you are in the Stack tab.  They cause SourcePoint to display names, types, and values of functions in the Symbols window..

Show Source Location menu item. This menu item is available only if you are connected to an IDE.

Expand Children/Collapse Children menu items. Enabling one of these menu items expands/collapses selected nodes in the symbol tree.

Viewpoint menu item. This menu item indicates the status of the processor viewpoint. If you have enabled one of the processor options, that processor is tracked. If you have enabled the Track Viewpoint option, the current processor is tracked.

Refresh menu item. This menu item refreshes the current view.

Properties menu item. Enabling this menu item opens a message box that contains information such as Name, Mangled Name, Type, Address, Length, Scope, and Program. Different symbols have different properties.