SourcePoint AMD Help

Table of Contents

Stack Tab

The Stack tab shows the program's current call stack. Stack frames can be expanded to show local variables, including procedure arguments and automatics. Composite variables, including arrays, structures, and unions, are expandable to show their sub-elements.


The Stack tab has up to four columns displaying names, addresses, data types and values. The Name and Value columns are always displayed. The Address and Type columns are disabled by default but can be enabled via the context menu. Alternatively, the address and data type of a variable can be viewed via the flyover tooltips, or by selecting Properties from the context menu.

Stack Frames

Each frame shows the name of the procedure called. Argument names, data types, and values can be selectively displayed via the context menu. A Code or Memory window showing the procedure can be opened by selecting either Open Code Window or Open Memory Window from the context menu. To set a breakpoint at the entry point of the procedure, select Set Breakpoint from the context menu. Selecting Go Until Cursor from the context menu causes the processor to run until the procedure is executed.