SourcePoint AMD Help

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Locals Tab

The Locals tab shows the local variables accessible in the current stack frame, including procedure arguments and automatics. Composite variables, including arrays, structures, and unions, are expandable to show their sub-elements.


The Locals tab has up to four columns displaying variable names, addresses, data types, and values. The Name and Value columns are always displayed. The Address and Type columns are disabled by default but can be enabled via the context menu. Alternatively, the address and data type of a symbol can be viewed via the flyover tooltips or by selecting Properties from the context menu.


Variable values can be edited by double-clicking the left mouse button or by selecting Edit from the context menu. Variable values are normally colored black. If a variable value changes, either by running or stepping the processor, or by editing its value directly, then the value is colored green to indicate the change. A variable can be copied to a Watch window by selecting Copy To Watch from the context menu.

For more information about the Watch window, see "Watch Window Introduction" part of "Watch Window Overview," found under Watch Window.


The variables in the Locals tab can be sorted by name, address, or data type by left clicking in the appropriate column heading. Click once to sort in ascending order, again to re-sort in descending order.


In multi-processor systems the Locals tab is always associated with the current viewpoint processor.