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Convert an address to a physical address.


[[px]] physical(addr)



is a viewpoint override, including punctuation ( [ ] ), specifying that the viewpoint is temporarily set to processor x of the boundary scan chain.  The processor can be specified as px (where x is the processor ID), or an alias you have defined for a given processor ID.  ALL cannot be used as a viewpoint override.


specifies an address to be translated into a physical address. The parentheses are optional.


Use the physical command to convert the specified address to a physical address using the address translation rules currently in force in the target system (e.g., paging or current processor mode).

  • If you enter a physical address, it is returned unchanged.

  • If you enter a virtual address, it is first translated to a linear address and then to a physical address. If the translation is not allowed, an error message is returned.

  • If you enter a linear address in Page-Protected mode (the PG bit =1 and the PE bit=1), the page tables accessible using the current page directory base (CR3) are searched for a page containing the specified linear address. The search begins with the first entry in the page directory table (PDT). The first match found is reported. If no match is found, an error message is returned. If paging is not enabled (PG bit = 0), then the linear address is returned.

Example 1

To translate a virtual address:

Command input:

physical 1000:1234



Example 2

Command input:

define ptr addr = 1234




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