SourcePoint AMD Help

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print cycles

Print trace data to a file.


print cycles [startCycle to endCycle | startCycle length count]

Where :


is a trace cycle state number.


is a trace cycle state number.


is an integer expression.


The print cycles command "prints" or saves all of a portion of the trace buffer to a file named "trc.txt" in the CWD path. If the "trc.txt" file does not exist, one will be created. If the file does exist, it will be overwritten with the new print cycles data.

The range is an optional cycle range. If the range is omitted, print cycles defaults to all cycles.

This same functionality is available in the Trace window by selecting Save As in the File menu.

The formatting of the data matches the Trace window.  If more than one Trace window is open, the last active window is used.


Command inputs:

print cycles                // prints the entire trace buffer   


print cycles 0 length 100T  // print 100 cycles beginning at state 0


print cycles -100T to 0     // print trace from state -100 to state 0


Note: In the Trace window, the cycle number is in decimal.  But when entered into the Command window, SourcePoint interprets it as a hex number unless there is a "T" on the end.