Signal Integrity Validation for Intel® Xeon® Platforms

Performing signal integrity validation with traditional high-end capital equipment such as oscilloscopes is a very expensive proposition. Fortunately, Intel Interconnect Built-In Self Test (IBIST) technology now allows designers to simply, effectively and inexpensively margin their designs through a wide range of process/voltage/temperature (PVT) variables without employing an oscilloscope. This new ‘5×5’ approach (5 runs on 5 systems) allows OEMs and ODMs to hit the sweet spot between not enough testing, which can result in field repairs, warranty replacements and lost customers, and too much testing, which is overly expensive, resulting in lost profit, reduced sales and could lead to missing a market window.

Download this FREE application brief on the approved HSIO validation procedures.

Highlights and Benefits …

  • Better-performing servers, storage systems, telecom and high-end gaming rigs
  • Reduced system field crashes and hangs
  • Saved cost on warranty returns and repairs
  • Cheaper, easier and more comprehensive than traditional oscilloscopes
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