ScanWorks FPGA-Based Flash Programming | A Two Instrument Example Guide

This eBook describes how to create a ScanWorks FPGA-based Flash Programming project. Using the Opal Kelly XEM6002 board equipped with a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA as an example, we go step-by-step through everything necessary to prepare and run super-speed programming of the attached SPI flash devices. The results are dramatic improvement in programming speed over traditional JTAG/boundary scan.

Table of Contents:

Prerequisites – Download and Install
• FPGA EDA Tools
• Opal Kelly Tools
ScanWorks Software Installation
• ETG Install – Run
• ASSET Web Deployment Installer – Build and Download
• ASSET Web Deployment Installer – Run
Using FPGA Module
Embedded Tester Creation
ScanWorks Setup
ETG Example Projects


Madilyn Childress