Increasing Test Coverage on Current Intel Platforms

Testing platforms designed with Intel® Architectures (IA) can be extremely difficult. Some developers reuse the production BIOS to configure the platform for test, to simplify the task with good enough testing in mind. But if you didn’t write the BIOS to configure the platform for test, you are likely to be surprised by what the BIOS did or did not configure.

In the production test cycle, it is about beat rate and fault identification. Can you afford the time it takes to boot to Windows and then run an application that tests the platform hardware? Will that application diagnose to a device or bit level? A better approach is a test developed specific for the platform with some automation to alleviate the drudgery of total test development, and facilitates customization of the test to account for unique features of your platform to deliver robust diagnostics.  This ebook describes an approach to test development of Intel platforms and how a tool can automate that approach for high test coverage and robust diagnostics.


  • Platform interactive test development increases diagnostic resolution
  • Methodical test development is good but platform-specific automated development is better
  • Don’t be overwhelmed with code development that is repetitive in nature, speed up the development tasks
  • Structural vs. Functional, It is not one or the other, but both and knowing how to interleave these methods
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