Functional Test on I2C and SPI | System Monitors with JTAG

Many electronic systems feature a wide range of system monitoring devices. The task is keeping track of certain conditions or operating parameters, like temperature while the system performs its function.Validating the functionality of I2C or SPI system monitors during prototype board bring-up is usually difficult and time consuming. The stakes are high because any delay can jeopardize the product introduction.

An effective alternative is to use boundary scan/JTAG to perform pseudo-functional test, apply structural tests and program the monitors with their operating firmware, all in one step.

This eBook uses a real world example to show how the boundary scan (IEEE 1149.1/6 JTAG) infrastructure can be applied to test and program system monitor devices- even when these devices do not have boundary scan capabilities themselves, and to perform structural and functional tests at the same time!

Key Points:

  • Prototype Board bring-up without OS.
  • Structural and functional test in one step.
  • Testing System monitors: a real world example.
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