Embedded IJTAG | P1687 BIST | Synopsys DFTMAX | ScanWorks

The What: A real-world proof-of-concept of the tools ecosystem that is bringing about the adoption of the IEEE P1687 IJTAG embedded instrumentation standard.

The Goal: Reducing design and manufacturing costs, shortening design cycles and delivering more robust, high-quality systems to the marketplace.

The How: The chip vendor architected a chip, and then inserted and synthesized an embedded instrument and P1687 network with Synopsys’ DFTMAX™ and TetraMAX®. Next, a system developer placed the chip on a board and used ASSET’s ScanWorks® platform to access and operate the embedded instrument to test the chip to eliminate no-trouble-found issues.

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  • Proof-of-concept case study
  • Why IJTAG (IEEE 1687) is needed
  • The basic IJTAG architecture
  • Validating the IJTAG tools ecosystem
  • Implementation & conclusions
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