Debug and Trace using ARM System Trace Macrocell | STM

Multicore architectures. Multi-threading software. Power management. The capabilities for SoCs has skyrocketed over the last few years. That’s just great! Until a system bug occurs of course. Oops! Then life’s not so great anymore.

Recently a new game changer was introduced for software debug: STM, System Trace Macrocell. This new chip capability is a breakthrough for software designers because it provides code and system visibility without compromising performance. A top-level view of the entire system that relates a bug back to its root cause in a software thread or hardware peripheral port. Or simply find and eliminate software inefficiencies. In real-time. Now that’s a dream come true!

Welcome to the exciting new world of software debugging introduced by the Arium™ SourcePoint® debugger expert Larry Traylor.

eBook content:

  • A new programming paradigm
  • What is STM and its architecture?
  • STM use models
  • How to trace software events
  • Firmware debug tools
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