High-End Defense System uses ScanWorks Embedded Diagnostics for In-Situ Boundary-Scan Test

ASSET InterTech awarded multi-year contract

Mission-critical systems industries such as Avionics and Military are expected to operate 24 X 7 with close to zero outage downtime. To achieve this level of performance, such systems must combine high reliability with rapid field repair and replacement of the defective line-replaceable units (LRUs).

ASSET InterTech, the leading supplier of boundary-scan test solutions, has been awarded a ScanWorks® Embedded Diagnostics contract for a military system design that will utilize embedded JTAG. This award will embed ScanWorks test technology in the design that will execute upon power-up as part of the platform Built-In Self Test (BIST). In addition, ScanWorks will be used in benchtop field depot systems for rapid deployment of combat-ready systems.

“The program is using ScanWorks Embedded Diagnostics to meet the requirement of greater than 92% diagnostic accuracy in-system to the board level for structural faults detected,” said Alan Sguigna, vice president of sales, ASSET. “Having such deep diagnostics also reduces the No Trouble Found (NTF) rate, potentially saving millions of dollars over the lifespan of the program.”

Failed boards will be verified within testers that automatically identify the maintenance actions needed. Use of ScanWorks benchtop and ScanWorks Embedded Diagnostics facilitates standardized technology insertion and long-term supportability while maximizing interoperability and portability among these external systems. This in turn enables the multiple manufacturers of the electronics systems to develop tests that seamlessly transition from the factory floor to fleet maintenance depots.

“Effective test equipment, in the air, on land and at sea, plays a key role in global security,” added Sguigna. “We’re honored to be a part of this program.”

About ASSET InterTech

ASSET InterTech is a leading supplier to the electronics industry of tools based on embedded instrumentation. Its SourcePoint® debug and trace platform and the ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments overcome the limitations of external test and measurement equipment. SourcePoint applies trace instrumentation embedded in code to debug software while ScanWorks applies instruments embedded in chips to test and validate chips and circuit boards during design and manufacturing. With ASSET’s software/hardware tools, engineers can quickly debug firmware and then diagnose how it interacts with hardware. ASSET InterTech is located at 2201 North Central Expressway, Suite 105, Richardson, TX 75080.


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