ASSET releases new benchtop and remote debugging applications for Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family

Tools for unprecedented debug visibility now available on new generation server platforms

Intel® today announced the new Intel Xeon® Processor Scalable Family (codename Purley, or Skylake-EP), representing the biggest platform advancement of the decade for secure, agile, multi-cloud data centers. With performance gains greater than 1.65X the previous generation processors, Intel Xeon Scalable is the foundation for the next generation of cloud infrastructure, fueling applications as wide-ranging as big data analytics, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, high-performance computing and network transformation.

ASSET’s SourcePoint® debugger has supported the new platform from its earliest availability, with full support for source-level debug, Intel Processor Trace, Intel Trace Hub, and other capabilities within the silicon. “Our powerful hardware-assisted JTAG debugger has helped developers get their products to market faster than what was thought possible,” said Larry Osborn, ASSET’s product manager for SourcePoint. “Users in organizations such as Dell, HP Enterprise, and Cisco agree that SourcePoint's usability and visibility lead the industry, especially when it comes to UEFI debug.”

For at-scale debug, ASSET’s ScanWorks® Embedded Diagnostics (SED) provides in-situ firmware on Intel Xeon Scalable designs for remote execution of Intel CScripts and local application of on-target diagnostics. “SED is an essential root cause analysis tool for problems that manifest themselves only intermittently, within hyperscale environments,” added Osborn. “Silicon, hardware, firmware and software all eventually fail, and only SED can capture the forensics needed to remediate these types of issues.”