2-Day ScanWorks® Processor-Controlled Test Workshop

This two-day workshop combines lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training using actual hardware to provide you with a good understanding of ScanWorks® Processor-Controlled Test development and functional test flows. Test development debug and the diagnosis of failure reports are included to allow more rapid and effective test implementation.

Who should attend?

This workshop is tailored for design engineers, test engineers, and managers who plan to use ScanWorks Processor-Controlled Test solutions and the Intel or Freescale processor architectures. An understanding of the processor architecture and/or chipset is mandatory.

What will you learn?

This workshop will provide you with an understanding of the PCT toolkit and how to apply the features of the toolkit to your UUT to maximize functional test coverage. The workshop will consist of instructor-lead training modules as well as hands-on training. The hands-on portion will test your knowledge and apply the test development techniques learned in class, using a circuit board provided by ASSET InterTech, along with well-developed exercises. You will be involved in detecting and understanding problems within the tests you have created, using the ScanWorks® Processor-Controlled Test Developer toolkit.

How do you register?

Click the link below to find out the cost and available dates for the 2-day ScanWorks Processor-Controlled Test (PCT) Workshop. If these suit you, please fill in and submit the registration form. If the dates don’t suit you, please contact your local representative to discuss other options.

Training Details