At-speed SPI Flash Programming using FPGA and JTAG – Revised

This revised version of the eBook now has real examples of the three programming methods that can be used along with the actual programming performance.

With the memory file size increasing – especially files that are loaded into SPI Flash devices – design and manufacturing engineers are faced with the challenges of speed and cost-effectively programing these devices once soldered to the board. Another challenge is if the device on the board was pre-programmed, how do you change the image?

ASSET InterTech was develop several methods that significantly reduces the programming time to load these devices. We’re programming devices on the board near to and ‘at-speed’ of the board. This can save your company time and money!

This eBook reveals the secrets of fast in-system programming of SPI Flash/EEPROM from a connected FPGA and describes your options.

Key Points:

  • Boundary-Scan Chain
  • Boundary-Scan Input/Output (short chain)
  • SPI Master IP with FIFO memory
  • Programming through an FPGA
Book cover image