JTAG | IJTAG Semiconductor and Board Test Security

Without security, what do we expect the hackers to do? Face the facts: There are no industry standards for semiconductor and board test security. None in the JTAG and IJTAG standards. So all the board/system developers can do is integrate a variety of different semiconductor security protocols. But some chips have no test security at all!

Clearly, change in board test security is long overdue.

This eBook on security is introductory. It addresses security issues currently associated with circuit boards and chips, and discusses several potential security countermeasures for a board-level security standard in the future.


  • The Attack and Attacker Setup
  • Protecting On-Board Memory
  • How to Secure On-Board Firmware
  • Preventing Functional Disruption
  • Lock Access to Proprietary Chip Data
  • The Security Solution Space
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