How to Debug Dead Boards in Production | Case Study | eBook

Cost goes up. Complexity goes up. Speed goes up. But time to debug boards goes down. Something’s gotta give, or at least change. The answer is taking advantage of the processor’s JTAG debug port to enable an inside out approach to debug and test at-speed, not outside in at ‘low-speed’.

Today’s Intel® board designs are highly complex and expensive. Increasing operating speeds are slicing margins way too thin. Small problems result in unsolvable “dead boards.” It’s almost impossible to debug dead boards from production fall-out, because functional test systems need a functional board to troubleshoot. And that means the board must boot. If it won’t, it’s dead and we all know: dead boards can’t talk. Or can they?

Download this eBook and let our expert, Larry Osborn, guide you through the ins and outs of a changing production test environment.

Learn how to:

  • Maintain higher yields with diminishing probe access
  • Debug and recover dead boards that don’t boot
  • “Bin” problems fast and create a feedback loop for production
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