Boundary-Scan Test Using ScanWorks with Teradyne’s High Speed Subsystem

PXIe-based test systems fill an important role in satisfying functional ATE test requirements for digital, analog, and RF interfaces on defense and avionics applications. Teradyne’s PXIe-based High Speed Subsystem (HSSub) has become the industry standard for PXIe-based test systems for defense and avionics applications. Through a collaborative development effort, ASSET’s ScanWorks Boundary Scan Test software can be installed and run on the HSSub. Making Boundary Scan test vectors available through the HSSub increases diagnostic test capabilities, while reducing test cost and test times significantly over the entire life cycle of a product for new and existing HSSub users.

This eBook teaches you how ScanWorks and the HSSub form a powerful structural and functional test platform for defense and avionics applications.

eBook Content:

  • ScanWorks and HSSub Benefits
  • ScanWorks and Teradyne Integration Checklist
  • ScanWorks and HSSub Implementation Procedure
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