Webinar: Embedded @Scale JTAG-based Debug of x86 Servers

Beginning with Microsoft Azure’s Project Olympus, and now a standard within the Open Compute Project, many datacenter servers are now optionally equipped with hardware connectivity between the platform BMC and CPU scan chain. The BMC can thus act as an autonomous embedded JTAG-based out-of-band debug agent, provide low-level triage of system events, such as crashes and hangs. Other use cases, such as hardware validation, manufacturing test, and forensics telemetry are also enabled by this technology.

BMC connectivity to CPU JTAG chain

This webinar will provide an overview and then demonstration of ScanWorks Embedded Diagnostics (SED), a firmware implementation of embedded JTAG for the purpose of remote, autonomous debugging. With the debug agent in firmware with BMCs so equipped, debugging at-scale becomes a reality.

The demonstration will include using SED for remote off-target Intel CScripts execution, and on-target autonomous crash dump applications.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, March 24th at 8:00 AM PT. Click here for the registration link.

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