Webinar: Intel Architectural Event Trace

Don’t miss it! ASSET’s Alan Sguigna (that’s me), in collaboration with the UEFI Forum, will be presenting and demonstrating SourcePoint using the Intel Architectural Event Trace (AET) feature, which offers an unparalleled level of insight into x86 event generation and code execution.

Architectural Event Trace (AET) is a technology on modern Intel silicon that enables processors to provide real-time event trace information. AET differs from code execution trace, which is concerned with the path a processor takes through code; AET traces interactions between individual processors in a system and other processors, the BIOS, OS, device drivers, and external peripherals. Events such as hardware interrupts, exceptions, MSR reads/writes and many others can easily be traced with modern debuggers. And especially when used in conjunction with code execution trace, AET provides additional insight into the root causes of hardware, firmware and software issues.

SourcePoint provides full support of all AET events, with an optional Last Branch Record (LBR) traceback of between 150-300 instructions from each trace event. And when used in conjunction with the Intel Direct Connect Interface (DCI), this allows the streaming of trace events and code execution traceback to a remote host over USB, directly out of platform reset.

Sound interesting? The webinar will be held Thursday, February 25th at 8:00am Pacific Time. Here’s the registration link for the webinar.

Alan Sguigna