Other Hardware

About Other Hardware

ScanWorks platform supports other hardware from controller cards, interface boards, buffer boards to third-party hardware.

Configurable IO Module

Need to test off-board signals through your UUT’s existing connector? Would you like boundary-scan access to test points on your UUT for improved test coverage? Want better diagnostics than what a simple connector loop-back can provide? ASSET’s Configurable IO Module (CIOM-100) can help. The CIOM-100 is a product that is simple enough to use for UUT benchtop testing and rugged enough to withstand usage in a test fixture in a production environment. The CIOM-100 can be configured with a number of user-specified personalities, such as a multiple-tap buffer board or high-speed SPI Flash programmer, depending upon the need and situation.

Economical, Versatile and Configurable!

IO Module

ScanLite2 Demonstration Board

ASSET’s ScanLite2 demonstration board is used for JTAG training purposes or as a known-good UUT when troubleshooting a problem with the interface to a UUT. ScanLite demonstrates the primary JTAG test applications of ScanWorks, including scan path verification, interconnect testing, memory access verification, cluster testing, PLD programming and flash memory programming. Complete design information such as schematics and layout data, as well as a completed ScanWorks project are provided with ScanLite2.

Demonstration Board