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Ethernet Hardware

Ethernet hardware is high-performance, cost-effective and extremely versatile. The hardware supports the ScanWorks platform software and is available in a single or multiple tap configurations.

RIC-1000 Single Port Instrumentation Controller

The RIC-1000 is a compact, cost-effective and extremely versatile ethernet controller. It is capable of high-speed test application and has significant on-board memory space for storing tests, test results and application data. The RIC-1000 supports an auto-sensing 10/100/1000 CAT5E/6 Ethernet interface and its voltage levels and test clock (TCK) speeds are programmable. It features simple cable connections and its compact size makes it easy to embed  into testers or  test fixtures. Pin-level diagnostics are supported as well as a wide variety of test types and programming algorithms.

RIC-1000 Single Port Instrumentation Controller
Some of the features of the RIC-1000 include the following:
  • Ethernet interface –10/100/1000 megabits per second (Mbps) speeds
  • Voltage levels –Programmable from 1.2V to 3.3V
  • Test clock speeds –Programmable from 160 KHz to 50 MHz
  • Discrete I/O –Eight additional non-boundary scan signals supported
  • Rugged enclosure –Protection from EMI and harsh environmental conditions
  • IP Addressable –An IP address can be assigned by the user
  • Significant Storage – 256 MB of on-board memory for test programs, test applications and test results

RIC-4000 Multi-Tap Remote Instrumentation Controller

The RIC-4000 provides an extremely flexible four-TAP interface for connecting the ScanWorks® platform to as many as four units under test (UUT). It supports auto-sensing Ethernet and connects directly to the UUTs. The RIC-4000 can be assigned an IP address so that it can be available on a local network or the Internet. With the proper network connections and permissions, ScanWorks operations on a UUT can be controlled via the RIC-4000 from anywhere in the world.

RIC-4000 Multi-Tap Remote Instrumentation Controller