[Webinar] Squeezing out more test coverage with Component Action

Every Test Engineer looks for ways to increase the overall test coverage on their designs.

That last ounce of test coverage can mean the difference between a market perception of great quality and dissatisfied customers returning your product for repair.

Traditionally, non-boundary scan devices on printed circuit boards need special handling at a functional test station, as they elude classic interconnect short- and open-circuit testing. However, using boundary scan as a stimulus, such components – such as memory devices, analog-to-digital converters, ethernet PHYs, etc. – can in fact be functionally tested using a mechanism called Component Action.

Our upcoming webinar, to be held on Tuesday, August 31st, 2021 at 10:30am Central Time and presented by ASSET’s Michael R. Johnson, will describe the Component Action methodology, provide an in-depth view of the programming model, and demonstrate examples on a live target.

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Alan Sguigna