ASSET Autotestcon update and some BIG news….

ASSET is at Autotestcon this week meeting with all our defense and avionics customers, both defense contractors and DoD. Some key challenges that are getting focus at the conference are the need for solid data connections that are secure so that new ideas of storing and sharing test data in the cloud can occur while being protected from cybersecurity threats. Solving this challenge is key to help enable the ScanWorks reuse strategy that we have deployed across the defense contractors from prototype debug-to-production test-to-field deployment on testers like LM-Star, eCASS and others. Solving the secure data connection problem would better allow DoD and defense OEMs to share data for an improved life-cycle support process.

ASSET and our Cybersecurity partner, Amida, are presenting multiple papers on the JTAG security and Cybersecurity topics to help contribute toward a solution. In fact, ASSET’s Alan Sguigna’s paper on “Mitigating JTAG as an Attack Surface” won “Best Technical Paper” of the entire conference. We really appreciate the Autotestcon technical staff for recognizing ASSET’s contribution and technical competence in this critical area. Also, “Way to Go” Alan for your work in this area.

For more information on these topics check out Alan's previous blog on "Securing the JTAG Interface"or our ebook JTAG | IJTAG Semiconductor and Board Test Security ..

Glenn Woppman