At-speed SPI Flash/EEPROM Programming using FPGA and JTAG – Revised

At-speed SPI Flash-EEPROM Programming using FPGA and JTAG-2017One of the greatest challenges for designers and manufacturing engineers today is how to cost-effectively program SPI Flash and EEPROM memory after the devices have been soldered down onto a printed circuit board.

Firmware changes typically occur multiple times during the board design and bring-up process. Changes are also common during the board manufacturing process and with board field returns, so programming memory without depopulating the memory device is critical. Programming at-speed and without the requirement of extensive physical access to the board are also important considerations.

Do you want to learn how to implement a SPI Flash programming solution that can save your company time and money?  We recently published a new eBook that discusses how you can use Boundary-Scan/JTAG methods along with an FPGA that’s already on the board to program these devices fast!

Check out our revised eBook, “At-Speed SPI Flash/EEPROM Programming using FPGA and JTAG“.