A new era and new insight – Real Insight

Software and hardware debug, validation and test of complex systems has always been a challenge that’s demanded innovative new solutions. Now, one of the biggest challenges facing our industry is the disappearing boundary between hardware and software when it comes to finding the root causes of problems. Solving those tough problems is what ASSET InterTech is about, no matter where the problem is.

Our new website, which launched last week, captures the trajectory of the industry and ushers ASSET into a new era. The key message on the website’s home page – Real Insight from Code to Silicon – reflects how we’ve focused on both software debug and trace as well as hardware validation and test at the chip, board and system levels.

On the software debug front, we’ve invested heavily in developing new solutions based on the trace intellectual property that the silicon providers are embedding in their chips, like ARM’s CoreSight, Intel Processor Trace and Intel Trace Hub. We’ve been fine tuning our data mining and analytics so software engineers can find those tough bugs fast. And SoC engineers, working in complex multi-core hardware environment with multi-threaded software and firmware, are finding that the leading edge trace capabilities of SourcePoint, our best-in-class debugger, are essential to maintaining their development schedules. Our new website empowers software engineers with easy navigation that quickly takes visitors to helpful content like eBooks, white papers, data sheets, case studies and videos.

As far as hardware validation and test goes, ASSET has emerged as a leading champion of the new IEEE 1687 Internal JTAG (IJTAG) standard for embedded instrumentation. Following our leadership of the standard’s development, we’ve transitioned into educating and offering SoC and board designers the support they need to adopt this technology that, quite frankly, provides verification and characterization capabilities not possible a short time ago. As we did with the IEEE 1149.1 JTAG standard following its ratification, we’ve been equipping the ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments with IJTAG tools that solve tough engineering problems. In essence, IJTAG picks up where JTAG left off. From tutorials to eBooks and videos, our new website has a wealth of content for the early adopters of IJTAG at both the chip and board levels.

Banner_Image_v2I invite you to visit our home page where you’ll find another new aspect of our approach to solving the problems you grapple with every day. To provide the content you need as quickly as possible, we’ve segmented the website according to those areas within the industry where you work and where our tools provide the most value. One click takes you to content on software debug, chip debug, hardware validation and manufacturing test. In some cases, a SourcePoint tool might provide the most effective solution, while in others it might be ScanWorks. For some, both SourcePoint and ScanWorks complement each other to track down those hard-to-analyze root causes that on the surface may manifest as either a software or hardware problem, but, in fact, the cause was somewhere totally unexpected. Or both software and hardware causes triggered the problem. As I said, it’s where the boundary between software and hardware has blurred that the most troublesome problems are found. And that’s where our tools thrive.

So please, click on this link to our home page. Explore the website’s content, visit our robust eResources Center where you’ll find eBooks, case studies, application notes, tutorials and all sorts of technical information. As we developed the new website, we had only one goal in mind: to serve you better with the most insightful content possible. In other words: real insight from code to silicon.