ScanWorks Academy


Introduction to ScanWorks

Our ScanWorks 101 video that gives a brief overview of all of the functionality of ScanWorks. A quick run-through of SPV, Interconnect, Memory Access Verify, and other features. A very good introductory video highlighting the ease-of-use of ScanWorks.

Scan Path Verify (SPV) Action How-To

SPV is usually the first test action you create. This is a step-by-step video for configuring, building, running and debugging SPV. Examples of passing and failing tests are provided.

Introduction to Memory Access Verify (MAV)

This is an introduction to the MAV action, used for testing memories. The memory access verification feature creates tests to detect and provide net-level failure information for connections between memory devices and the boundary-scan devices that access them.

Interconnect Test 101

This is our in-depth treatment of everything you wanted to know about Interconnect testing. Highly recommended viewing if you're new to ScanWorks, if you can afford the 16 minutes.