SourcePoint Support for new AMD and Intel Processors

With the latest release of its SourcePoint® JTAG-based debugger, ASSET supports all of the current debug and trace features available on the latest AMD and Intel processors.

For AMD, support for the latest EPYC server line CPUs has been added, with the addition of Last Branch Record (LBR) trace, and powerful new breakpoint enhancements for instruction execution and data read/writes, including the use of address ranges and breaking on address/data value masks.

For Intel, enhancements include new features for the latest Sapphire Rapids, Alder Lake and Raptor Lake CPUs, with GCC compiler improvements, virtual machine (VM) Entry and Exit breakpoints, and Trace Hub/Architectural Event Trace (AET) support.

“This is our most fully-featured, robust software release yet,” said Alan Sguigna, vice president of sales and marketing at ASSET. “These new capabilities greatly improve the debugging experience, reducing time-to-resolution for the most challenging firmware bugs. SourcePoint is a must-have if you need to debug on-the-metal. We continue to raise the bar as the most powerful hardware-based debugger for x86 platforms.”

Support for the new release is available now, and is available at no charge to current subscribers. For more information, please contact your ASSET representative.

Madilyn Childress

Data Access breakpoint