SourcePoint 7.12.33 Release for new Intel CPUs

With release 7.12.33 of its SourcePoint® JTAG-based debugger, ASSET is providing support for the latest Intel® Xeon®, Core™ and Atom® CPUs.

“New CPU support includes that for Granite Rapids, Emerald Rapids, and Meteor Lake CPUs,” said Alan Sguigna, vice president of sales and marketing at ASSET. “In addition to basic run-control functionality (halt, go, set breakpoints, single-step), we’ve added Day One support for the Intel Trace Hub, that delivers such features as At-Speed Printf and Architectural Event Trace for VMExit and VMLaunch breakpoints. If you need to troubleshoot x86 bugs at a very low level, SourcePoint provides the most powerful insight into the interactions between code and silicon.”

Support for the new release is available now, and is available at no charge to current subscribers. For more information, please contact your ASSET representative.

Alan Sguigna

Run control matrix for SP Intel release 7.12.33