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In 1995, ASSET InterTech, Inc. was spun off from Texas Instruments at a time in the electronics industry when prototype validation and debug, as well as manufacturing test, were changing drastically. Large and expensive external test equipment was giving way to software-based methods embedded in chips and on boards. 

Today, with more than 10,000 users worldwide, ASSET’s two platforms – the ScanWorks® platform for hardware validation and test, and the SourcePoint® platform for software debug and trace – provide real insight from code to silicon for engineers in design and manufacturing who are working on the most advanced Intel® and ARM® designs.

Vision and Mission

Over the last decade, the speed and complexity of multi-core systems has increased dramatically. At the same time, more applications have demanded lower and lower power consumption, leaving little margin for error in system design and manufacturing. In addition, software, firmware and hardware have become increasingly interdependent. Each must be debugged within the context of the others. 

And that’s why the vision for the SourcePoint and ScanWorks platforms calls for them to be brought closer together, creating a seamless validation, test and debug environment across hardware and software. That’s real insight into root causes.

Our mission doesn’t end with best-in-class tools. It begins there and ends in long-lasting relationships with users. The market research firm Frost & Sullivan recently recognized this and honored ASSET with a Value Leadership award.


We're humble, yes, but we are considered one of the 50 Most Trustworthy Companies in the world.

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