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Support Contact Details - You can request support from ASSET support personnel in any of the following ways.

Phone the Call Center

The Call Center is in Richardson, TX, USA.
Business hours are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Time Zone, Monday - Friday.
+1 972 437 2800
888-694-6250 (toll free in the USA)

Create a Case

Maintenance users have unlimited access to ASSET's online case management system. Because ASSET has technical support offices around the world, technical questions are answered quickly, from wherever they may originate. Users
can track the progress of their questions and requests through the Customer Portal. It also gives users the ability to browse a solutions database. To sign up or log in, click here.

Email Support

Send e-mail to the appropriate address below. If you need to send attachments that contain information that is subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), choose the ITAR address instead of the continental addresses. E-mail sent to any of these addresses will automatically create a Case.

Phone Your Local Support Office

You may phone your local support office during your local business hours. If you are unable to reach an engineer for your region, phone the call center.
Eastern U.S. +1 508 967 7945
Central U.S. +1 602 515 9895
Western U.S. +1 408 540 5196
Sweden +46 70 306 8382
Scotland, U.K. +44 1324 620 375
England, U.K. +44 1782 418 021
Ireland +353 749 188 100
Taiwan +886 987 079 900
Shanghai +86 21 6103 1669
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