The ScanWorks® Platform

for Embedded Instruments

Soft access to hard data

Advanced chips and circuit boards have moved beyond the reach of legacy automatic test equipment (ATE), oscilloscopes and big-box manufacturing testers. Instead of relying on probes for access, the ScanWorks platform is a software environment with soft access to instruments embedded in chips and boards. ScanWorks validates performance, tests structural integrity and debugs hardware and firmware all in one user friendly environment. And ScanWorks tests move along with the chips from design, into prototype board bring-up and on to volume manufacturing test. Cost-of-test is slashed by re-using tests over and over again.
The multiple non-intrusive tools that make up ScanWorks let you validate, test and debug your chips and circuit boards from the inside out. Plus, ScanWorks brings you the adaptability and cost-effectiveness of a software environment.

Control embedded instruments

Controlling embedded instruments means you don’t have to look through the distorted lens of external probe-limited scopes and testers. ScanWorks lets you see what’s happening on your chips and boards. And you can configure those embedded instruments with ScanWorks tools so that you get the design validation and test results you need.

One platform for validation, test and debug

As a software environment, ScanWorks grows and adapts as your validation, test and debug needs emerge. Wih the ScanWorks chip tools for the IEEE Internal JTAG (IJTAG) standard for embedded instruments you'll be able to test and debug devices and avoid huge ATE costs. For circuit boards, ScanWorks supports boundary-scan test (BST), processor-controlled test (PCT), high-speed I/O (HSIO) validation and test for the Intel® architecture, and FPGA-controlled test (FCT). The flexibility of ScanWorks allows its many tools to be configured as solutions in a wide range of applications such as board bring-up, high-speed I/O check, board test and debug, and many others.

ScanWorks Platform Products:
Boundary-Scan Test (BST)
Processor-Controlled Test (PCT)
High-Speed I/O Validation (HSIO)
FPGA-Controlled Test (FCT)
Software Debug and Trace (SDT) - Arium Products

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You’ll learn how a software-based platform for embedded instruments can provide you with cost-effective solutions to many of your validation, test and debug requirements. Contact us to learn more

The Evolution of Test

First there were hardware instruments, then virtual instruments, and now we have embedded instruments. There are various reasons for this progression...

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CPU & FPGA Support

ScanWorks supports Intel®, ARM®, Freescale™,
& other CPUs; Altera® and Xilinx® FPGAs.

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