ASSET offers a variety of services to help you with design-for-testability and test development. Many of these services are free of charge.

Project Development and Debug

If your test development team is understaffed, experiencing a peak load, or not yet fully trained, consider the ASSET Services team an extension of your own team. Ask your Regional Sales Manager to propose a Statement of Work and a quote. Your Sales Manager will tell you what we need from you to start this process.

Test development services include:
  • Boundary-scan test development and debug
  • Processor-controlled test development and debug
  • Intel® IBIST setup and integration
  • Integration of tests with your other test tools (e.g. ICT) < BSDL Validation


BSDL Validation 


ASSET and Agilent Technologies, Inc. have jointly developed an online service that performs BSDL validation. This FREE service syntactically and semantically BSDL Validation - BSDL Compliationchecks BSDL files, confirming correct spelling, punctuation, instruction codes, register associations and register cells, as required by the IEEE 1149.1 standard.
Test Pattern Generation
It also automatically generates test patterns, creating a set of test vectors you can use to test a chip design during the simulation phase to verify that it meets many of the requirements of the IEEE 1149.1 boundary scan standard. Discover these errors before you deliver your devices to customers.

To use this FREE BSDL Validation service, click here.

Custom Tool Development

Do ASSET’s standard products not quite meet your unique requirements? Tell your ASSET Sales Manager about those requirements. Many enhancements may be delivered for free to maintenance customers, but ASSET is also prepared to be your custom tool development partner for an NRE fee.

DFT Analysis

ASSET can assist you in analyzing your design to see if it is ready for use with any ASSET test technology. Ask your Regional Sales Manager about Testability Studies.

Specialized Interface Hardware

While ASSET does not try to compete with fixture suppliers or cable suppliers, we may be able to help with your unique requirements for special interfaces, such as interposers or level shifters. Ask your ASSET Sales Manager.