ASSET and CCI collaborate on integrated test solutions

Combining boundary-scan structural test with functional test is a “best practice” approach to high test coverage at least cost. So, it only makes sense that ASSET collaborates with Circuit Check.

As a solutions provider, we are often called upon to combine our test technologies with others’, both to satisfy unique customer needs, as well as to link up with other best-in-class solutions providers. We are fortunate to today announce one such collaboration with Circuit Check (CCI), the global test and fixture supplier. CCI has a tremendous reputation within numerous vertical markets that demand top product quality with superb service. CCI in particular dominates the functional tester and fixture market in the medical, military and aerospace test markets, where ASSET has a strong presence as well with its boundary-scan test tools.

It is well-known that boundary-scan (JTAG) test makes great sense when combined with functional testing. Defining test coverage with the familiar PCOLA/SOQ/FAM metric, bringing multiple test technologies to bear on a product increases the spectrum of detectable defects. And boundary-scan test has the benefit of extremely detailed diagnostics, typically to the net and pin level, where functional test may only diagnose to a function on a board. So, combining these two test methodologies, and having CCI deliver the turnkey solution to the customer, provides for a very powerful result.

There’s a lot more to say on this topic, and I’ll cover the technology in detail in a future post. If you’d like to read the entire press release, it is available here.

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Alan Sguigna