Trace debug cuts through the complexity of SoC software, new eBook explains

Trace debugging takes advantage of intellectual property (IP) in processors to help software engineers track back to the root cause of a code bug and fix it. A new eBook by ASSET® InterTech, the leading supplier of software and hardware debug, validation and test tools, explains how valuable trace can be, especially when the engineer is debugging multi-threaded software or firmware for one of today’s complex multi-core system-on-a-chip (SoC).

“The value of trace has moved to a whole new level with the recent announcements concerning Intel® Processor Trace. For quite some time now, ARM has provided a variety of trace macrocells,” said Larry Osborn, product manager at ASSET and author of Hardware-Assisted Debug and Trace within the Silicon. “This trace IP in the silicon gives software engineers trace capabilities that are much more powerful than legacy trace methods. The bottom line is that bugs in complex code can be found a lot faster now with tools for hardware-assisted trace.”

The new eBook discusses how trace debugging can shorten a new system’s time-to-market. The eBook is free and available for downloading now on the ASSET InterTech website in the eResources center.

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