SourcePoint support for Windows kernel debugging

With this new capability, ASSET’s SourcePoint JTAG-based debugger is publicly available to connect Microsoft’s WinDbg to x86 targets for debugging of the Windows kernel.

Microsoft’s Windows Debugger (WinDbg) is used widely in many industries to perform troubleshooting and research into the Windows kernel – at the lowest level of functionality within the operating system. And ASSET’s SourcePoint JTAG-based debugger is the gold standard for low-level UEFI/BIOS bare metal firmware debug, with its rich visualization and deep support of x86 run-control and trace features.

With the introduction of the new SourcePoint WinDbg product, the two applications are integrated, to provide the best capabilities of both for debug of the Windows kernel. All of the unique debug and trace features of SourcePoint – such as SMM/hypervisor breakpoints, Intel Processor Trace, and Architectural Event Trace (AET) – now complement the OS-aware functionality of Microsoft’s WinDbg.

“For the first time, engineers can debug from the CPU’s fetch of its first instruction – from the reset vector – all the way into the OS. All with support of a rich set of source/symbol visualization, new breakpoint types, instruction trace, and event trace features that have never been available before,” said Alan Sguigna, vice president of sales and marketing. “This will greatly help developers gain insight into Windows’ internals, and optimize their code’s interactions with the kernel.”

“Based on the turnout for our recent webinar on the topic, and the traffic on social media, interest in this new capability is very high,” Sguigna continued. “We’ve had superlatives like ‘Amazing’, ‘Groundbreaking’ and ‘Game-changing’ from initial customers. Operating system/hypervisor designers, system programmers, cybersecurity engineers, and driver developers all agree that this is a disruptive debugging technology.”

SourcePoint WinDbg is available now, for a limited time at no extra charge to all current and new SourcePoint subscribers. For more information, please contact your ASSET representative.

Alan Sguigna

Intel PT windows kernel