Connectivity for ASSET’s SourcePoint software debugger simplified to USB3 for Intel systems with DCI

Most portable systems do not have the board space to accommodate the much larger 60-pin XDP or MIPI connectors

A new system controller for ASSET® InterTech’s SourcePoint® hardware-assisted software debug platform allows engineers to begin software debug immediately by offering a fast and easy way to connect SourcePoint to Intel®-based target platforms that support Direct Connect Interface (DCI).

The new system controller, called the Closed Chassis Controller (CCC), features USB3 connectivity rather than Intel’s legacy 60-pin XDP connector or a MIPI60 connector. Many portable systems like laptops or tablets do not have the board space available for the much larger XDP or MIPI connectors and yet they still require connectivity to a debugger. All three of the Intel connectivity options for hardware-assisted software debuggers rely on the IEEE 1149.1 JTAG standard. The XDP and MIPI60 connectors implement the JTAG interface in hardware while the USB3 interface will make use of DCI and incorporate the JTAG protocols as a sideband.

“The software engineer can only start debugging the system’s software and firmware after SourcePoint is connected to the target platform and more and more systems today just don’t have the space for a 60-pin XDP or MIPI connector,” said Larry Osborn, ASSET’s product manager for SourcePoint. “This is a particular problem for many embedded applications, such as nodes in an Internet of Things (IoT), because these nodes are often very small devices. With the CCC and because of the popularity of USB connectivity, there should be no delay as long as the Intel platform supports DCI. Just hook up the SourcePoint and start debugging.”

As a system controller, the CCC also provides connectivity to Ethernet networks and the Internet cloud. As a result, developers can remotely access a target platform connected to a CCC. This would allow a geographically dispersed development team to collaborate while debugging a target platform’s firmware or software.

ASSET’s SourcePoint is a platform of debug and trace tools for C/C++ embedded software and firmware. The CCC system controller and SourcePoint platform have been optimized for Intel Core™, Atom™ and Xeon® processors. The CCC supports a number of common use cases, including initial cold boot, suspend state-operations and survival, and reset sequences.


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