ASSET white paper explores solutions for diminishing test coverage from in-circuit test (ICT) systems

Non-intrusive software-based test methods deliver test coverage beyond the reach of legacy probes and bed-of-nails testers.

A new white paper from ASSET® InterTech explains why test coverage from intrusive, probe-based in-circuit testers with their bed-of-nails fixtures is diminishing. The paper also describes software-based non-intrusive methodologies that test from the inside out and eliminate the need to physically probe chips and circuit boards during prototype board bring-up, volume manufacturing and troubleshooting in the field. 

“Over the last several decades semiconductors and circuit boards have changed dramatically, while the basic test methods for much of the industry have only made incremental improvements over the last 20 years. Now we’re seeing a paradigm shift in test,” said Glenn Woppman, president and CEO of ASSET. “Chips and boards have gotten smaller, denser and much more complex. Advanced technologies have moved beyond the reach of legacy, probe-based test methods like in-circuit test. The consequence of less test coverage is declining quality, reliability and durability, which triggers higher product returns and increasing warranty costs. The non-intrusive methods described in this white paper can return to manufacturers the test coverage they’ve lost as technology has advanced.”

The new white paper is titled “Solving the problem of diminishing test coverage from in-circuit test (ICT)” by Adam Ley, chief technologist of non-intrusive board test for ASSET.  It can be downloaded here.

About ASSET InterTech

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