ASSET ScanWorks 4.9.1 supports Micron Xccela Octal SPI Devices

Decreasing device programming time is always a key consideration during PCB production. Remaining on the leading edge of programming technology, ASSET has implemented support for the Micron Xccela™ Octal Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Flash in its ScanWorks 4.9.1 release. Support applies to devices written to JEDEC standard JESD251A, Expanded Serial Peripheral Interface (xSPI) for Non-Volatile Memory Devices, Version 1.0.

Micron’s Xccela Octal SPI Flash Memory devices have eight parallel data (IO) lines that are used to increase performance by transferring more bits with each clock cycle. Xccela flash uses a new interface with as few as eleven active signals. Xccela flash delivers 5X performance while reducing pin count by 4X, energy consumption by 3X and package size by 2X compared to the page mode parallel NOR solution.

“Providing this additional SPI programming option to our customers was extremely important,” said Michael Johnson, ScanWorks Boundary Scan Test product manager. “With the implementation of an octal SPI device and a properly designed PCB, production backlogs due to programming can be minimized. ASSET has created the programming models for the octal SPI devices, so programming these devices requires selecting the target octal SPI device to be programmed in the ScanWorks GUI and creating the SPI programming action. As more customers begin to utilize these leading-edge devices on their designs, ASSET will be ready to support them.”

Xccela flash memory are used in a variety of applications such as automotive, industrial, consumer, networking, and defense applications and come in various densities from 256Mb to 2Gb and are low in power consumption. Performance of Xccela devices is up to 200 MHz in double data rate (DDR) with data strobe and 400 MB/s read throughput.

As with each ScanWorks release, ASSET is responsive to customers’ needs and requests. With the release of ScanWorks 4.9.1, ASSET has implemented customer suggested improvements and fixes in the areas of Flash, GUIs, netlist generation, and SPI programming actions.

Pricing and Availability

ScanWorks 4.9.1 is available now from ASSET InterTech and its distributors. For pricing information, consult an ASSET sales representative listed at For additional product information, call 888-694-6250 or e-mail

Madilyn Childress