ASSET enhances productivity of ScanWorks with improved user experience

More intuitive interface, simpler navigation, easier library access and help, puts the power of JTAG-based tools at users' fingertips 

Richardson, TX (March 5, 2019) – With new upgrades to its ScanWorks® platform of JTAG-based tools for hardware debug, validation and test, ASSET® InterTech has improved user productivity with a simpler, more intuitive interface and easier access to resources like device models and help content.

“What users see now throughout much of ScanWorks is the type of interface they are very familiar with,” said Michael Johnson, ASSET’s product manager for boundary-scan test. “The action dialog boxes and other functions they interact with everyday are now much more like web pages. They can be resized and easily moved about on the screen, and the presentation is very simple and clean. We’ve eliminated a lot of redundant clicks to take users directly to what they’re looking for or what they want to do.”

A specific example of enhanced user productivity is the more direct access to device models, which are used to generate test and programming actions in ScanWorks. Previously, the user might have to click through five or six dialog boxes, narrowing the search parameters for a particular model in each dialog box before finding the needed model. Now, selecting a tab in one dialog box will take the user directly to a short list of models that match the action type and manufacturer originally specified.

In addition, content in ScanWorks help files is being migrated so it can be accessed by users online. This ensures that the help content immediately reflects any enhancements or changes in functionality that are made to ScanWorks. It also improves the reliability of help services.


These new productivity enhancements are available now for free with ScanWorks version 4.6 and later releases.