ASSET InterTech merged with Arium in 2013. You may have been redirected from the arium.com website to this page.



With over 10,000 users worldwide, ASSET InterTech is a leading supplier to the electronics industry of debug, validation and test tools based on embedded instrumentation. Engineers in design, manufacturing and field support can apply a wide range of ScanWorks tools to software, chips, circuit boards, assemblies and systems.

ASSET and Arium Merge

On July 9, 2013, Arium and ASSET InterTech announced that ASSET had acquired Arium and would  merge Arium’s hardware-assisted software debug and trace tools into the ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments. Designers can quickly debug software and diagnose how it interacts with hardware. Designs are certified faster and move into manufacturing sooner.

The ScanWorks Platform for Embedded Instruments

The software-based ScanWorks platform is a departure from older hardware-based test systems which are typically much more expensive and limited because their capabilities are hardwired into the system. Starting in the design department, the ScanWorks Arium hardware-assisted debug tools give developers the ability to troubleshoot code quickly. Moreover, ScanWorks HSIO tools allow the signal integrity on high-speed buses to validated without expensive external testers and scopes. Prototypes can be brought up quickly with tools like ScanWorks Processor-Controlled Test (PCT). Once volume manufacturing begins, ScanWorks has a variety of tools to ensure the structural quality of assemblies and circuit boards, including boundary-scan test (IEEE 1149.1 JTAG), PCT, HSIO validation,  FPGA-controlled test,  IJTAG test and others. Debug, validation and test routines developed in ScanWorks can be re-used throughout the life cycle of a product, including field support. Re-using the same debug and test processes throughout the life cycle reduces costs tremendously and shortens new product introduction processes.
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Our Ethics and Relationships

We, the people who are ASSET the company, are committed to providing the utmost long term value to users of the ScanWorks platform, while maintaining a high level of integrity with users, among ourselves and with our various stakeholders.

Among our users we have identified and delivered value by establishing close and lasting relationships with them. Over the years, our relationship with the ScanWorks user community has become collaborative, based on the mutual benefit of all of us. Nurturing and maintaining this non-typical supplier/user relationship is at the center of our business ethos at ASSET.
This collegial sense of collaboration applies as well to the people who work at ASSET. Because we have evolved from a small, close knit group of professionals, many of whom are still with the company, our corporate culture is characterized by teamwork, consensus building, listening, empowerment and cooperation.

Complementing the sense of ownership we feel toward our company is the realization that each of us is responsible for the kind of company that ASSET is and which it will become in the future. To that end, rather than the traditional hierarchical top-down corporate structure, ASSET is dedicated to a side-by-side sharing of the responsibility for leadership within the company. Each of us leads by example.

CPU & FPGA Support

ScanWorks supports Intel®, ARM®, Freescale™,
& other CPUs; Altera® and Xilinx® FPGAs.

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