IEEE P1687


Internal JTAG


Scope: Architecture and methodology for access to embedded test and debug features via the IEEE P1149.1 Test Access Port (TAP). The proposed standard includes hardware architecture rules, description language for
the access network, and description language for the embedded instrument operations. P1687 is also called IJTAG where the I = Internal.

BIST access and reuse

Once adopted, 1687 will bridge structural test and functional test like nothing before it.  Improving on the vision the original JTAG committee once had for the INTEST instruction, 1687 will make chip-level at-speed functional tests controllable and accessible via the TAP, using tools like the ScanWorks Platform for Embedded Instruments. 

IEEE Site: http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/1687/

ASSET Participant: Al Crouch

Current Status: An invitation to ballot on the IEEE Std P1687 draft has gone out.

Upcoming Events of Interest:
ITC 2013 – International Test Conference (Anaheim, September 10-12, 2013)

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