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Hardware Validation with SourcePoint and ScanWorks

Hardware Validation with  SourcePoint and ScanWorks

Validating a board design with software scripts and high-speed I/O tools moves the design into manufacturing faster. And you’ll have fewer design re-spins as well as product returns down the road. Only SourcePoint and ScanWorks working together can do both.

Processor-Specific Scripts

Processor Specific Scripts

Certain software routines are an effective way to validate hardware during board bring-up. One powerful example is SourcePoint's ability to execute Intel® Customer Scripts, or Cscripts, on hardware. Analyzing the output of a Cscript sheds light on how the software interacts with the underlying hardware.

Software & Hardware All-in-One

SW & HW - All-in-one

Together SourcePoint and ScanWorks automate validation to accelerate board bring-up. SourcePoint’s Intel® Cscripts sees from the perspective of the software, while ScanWorks’ High-Speed I/O Validation tools dive inside the instruments embedded in the chip to see what the silicon sees. You get a comprehensive view of margins and interdependencies.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Hardware validation is not about pass/fail. It's all about statistical analysis of operating margins with advanced diagnostic tools and data mining. So you’ll know the likelihood of faults and failures in the future when the hardware is in the hands of users. That’s what’s critical because that’s your market share.