IJTAG vs JTAG vs IEEE 1500 ECT | Introduction Tutorial

Why so many standards? For instance, why IJTAG, JTAG and 1500 ECT for embedded instruments? The answer is simple: standards overlap because technology overlaps. This eBook tutorial – the first in our series on “IJTAG vs JTAG vs 1500 ECT” – explains the issues at stake and compares each standard. How do these three standards intersect and why?

For a high-level perspective, this eBook will help you understand the use cases that drove the development of these standards and why those original use cases still apply.


  • Use cases for each standard
  • Why IEEE P1687 IJTAG is needed
  • The evolution of JTAG
  • IEEE 1149.1 – 2013 JTAG updates
  • IEEE 1500 Embedded Core Test
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