New lower-cost versions of SourcePoint for hobbyists and researchers

At long last, low-level DCI/JTAG-based debug of x86 platforms is now affordable by individual hobbyists, researchers and academic institutions.

Two versions are available:

Individual License:          $365/year

Institutional License:      $999/year

These licenses are full-fledged versions of SourcePoint, but are supported only on the AAEON UP Xtreme i11 board (the Tiger Lake UP3 i3, i5 and i7 versions).

With these new licenses, we’re delighted to announce that x86 firmware debug is now available to all at an affordable price. All run-control debug (breakpoint, stop, single-step, etc.) and trace (Intel Trace Hub, Architectural Event Trace, and Intel Processor Trace) capabilities are fully available.

For the history of affordable access to JTAG on Intel platforms, see my blog here:

DCI Debug on the AAEON UP Xtreme i11 board

For an in-depth guide to using SourcePoint on this board, see:

Getting Started Guide for the AAEON UP Xtreme i11

And for more information on purchasing, visit our ordering page at:

Limited Time Offer on lower-cost SourcePoint licenses for the AAEON UP Xtreme i11 board