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ScanWorks Embedded Diagnostics Technical Overview

Using Embedded Run-Control for Debug, Trace, Test and Validation

  • Embedding run-control in-system
  • Remote system crash and hang (system wedged) forensics for IERR, CATERR
  • Remote application of Intel CScripts
  • Remote access to debug and trace features
  • x86 hardware design guidelines for JTAG and sideband signals (PREQ, PRDY, …)
  • BMC, FPGA resource requirements

Run-control and trace, which are typically found in benchtop debug tools, can also be implemented in-situ. This eliminates external cabling, hardware probes and fixturing, and provides remote access to powerful system debug, trace, test and validation features. Such applications improve system reliability and uptime, and can be executed in the lab or in the field, at-scale, and independent of geography or time zones.

This technical description gives an overview of the application, use cases, TAP controller IP requirements, hardware design guidelines and the library APIs.