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Processor-Controlled Test Demo | Dead Board Bring Up

  • Control the processor through JTAG or the processor's debug port
  • Diagnose and bring up non-functional dead boards
  • Write and read directly to any device connected to the CPU
  • Perform bus and memory tests
  • Perform functional tests without BIOS firmware and/or operating system

Put the most powerful instrument on your board – the CPU – to work for you, running structural and functional diagnostics and debug routines from the “inside-out”. Do you have a pile of non-functional dead boards? No problem. PCT and power is all you need to start debugging and bring them up again.

Or maybe a batch of prototype boards just arrived. With PCT, engineers can debug them with low-level control of the processor. Later, you can deploy PCT as a test and diagnostic tool in manufacturing and repair facilities.

Demo: Your major application areas/test challenges: Length: 15-30 min

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