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JTAG Boundary Scan Board Demo | Debug Validate

  • JTAG/Boundary-Scan board debug, validation and test
  • Unified platform workflow
  • Automated test development
  • Massive parallel test and programming
  • Fast DDR memory interface test
  • Flexible licensing | Online libraries 

Here’s your chance to see how easy it is to validate and test chips and circuit boards with the ScanWorks® platform’s Boundary-Scan Test (JTAG) and Internal JTAG (IJTAG) Test tools. ScanWorks’ automated, model-based test development will slash the time you spend developing tests. And then you’ll be able to re-use the same tests in manufacturing to save more time!

How about high-speed flash programming? Or FPGA-based test engines? Structural board test or functional at-speed tests on prototypes or production boards? The ScanWorks platform can do it all. We call it: Soft Access to Hard Data.

Demo: Your major application areas/test challenges - Length: 15-30 min

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