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IEEE 1687 IJTAG Board Demo

  • IEEE 1687 IJTAG validates, tests and debugs complex boards and SoCs by accessing embedded instruments in chips
  • Run multiple instruments concurrently
  • Debug and test from your desk!
  • Same tools for both chip and board designers

See how ScanWorks® IJTAG Test (IEEE 1687) tools will help you validate, test and debug your chips and boards by efficiently managing and coordinating all those instruments embedded in your SoCs and other complex devices.

ScanWorks gets started by simply reading in the IJTAG Interconnect Connectivity Language (ICL) and Procedural Description Language (PDL) files. Then you’ll see all the instructions and functions that each instrument can perform. All you have to do is drag-and-drop the debug sequences or tests you want and ScanWorks takes over from there. You’ll be amazed how simple IJTAG can be!

Demo: Your major application areas/test challenges - Length: 15-30 min

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